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EC Toolcomm Sticker
Things belonging to toolcomm may have this image on them

To check out a tool, go to the West side of the West parallel basement. In the basement of Hayden, there is a BRAND NEW (as of fall 2018) woodshop! All the small power tools and and hand tools are stored in the closet on the north east and may be accessed with an MIT ID belonging to an EC resident.


Helpers is an email list for asking for help or training. East Campus tools operate on a communal system of stewardship and training. If you have any reservations about using tools, safety related or otherwise, you are encouraged to email ec-toolcomm-helpers. This list is for questions or requests for a working buddy. If you would like to keep this system running, is an open webmoira list and you may add yourself.

Current Officers

  • Jordan Tierney (tierneyj)
  • Winnie Szeto (wszeto)
  • Eugeniya Artemova (giniya)

ToolComm Inventory

Current as of July 7th, 2018. For most recent visit: If you find that a tool exists but is not present on this list, Please return it to toolcomm and email


Toolcomm also has 20+ Hardhats, Safety glasses, and a number of clamps. Complete Inventory coming soon.

Tools also available to borrow from MIT Rotch Library, catalog here:

Hayden Woodshop Rules

Every resident using the East Campus Shop is expected to cooperate in preserving good order and safety. Members are expected to understand and follow the rules while using the shop.

1 Clean up after your own mess. If you don't have time to clean up, you don't have time to work. Vacuum up sawdust on tables, machines, and floor. Put scrap wood in scrap bins. Return tools to proper locations. Store projects in designated wood storage areas only. Do not leave anything in the labeled walkway.

2 Don't use tools that are broken. Please email if you find any tools that are broken or not working properly. Make sure your tools have proper tool guards (if applicable). Do not use tools with dull or damaged blades. Do not use tools that are labeled with a broken sign.

3 Only use tools you know how to safely use. Email if you have any questions. It's always better to ask! You can also ask friends who have been trained in the ec woodshop and are experienced using the tools.

4 If you have questions: ask! (you can reach Toolcomm at: You can reach other students who have been trained and are willing to help at

5 Wear proper PPE, and machine-shop appropriate clothing. We have safety glasses, earplugs, dust masks, and earmuffs. If you find any necessary PPE missing, please email Always wear safety glasses when cutting or using power tools. Tie back long hair; wear close-toed shoes; do not wear loose or dangling clothing.

6 Machine tools for wood use only. Do not under any circumstances cut carbon fiber or metal. The tools are not designed for metal use and you will damage them. This area is not approved for metal machining. Machining metal can create sparks which can start a fire.

7 Don’t work alone when using potentially dangerous tools. If you need to use potentially dangerous tools, get a buddy!

8 Don’t work drunk, sleep deprived, or in an unstable state. You pose a risk to yourself and others when you do this. It's better to do it right than do it twice.

9 Label your wood and projects with your kerberos and the date it will be gone by. Anything left in the woodshop after the expiration date will be removed. You may not put an expiration date longer than 3 months in the future. You may return to your project to re-label it if you require longer storage times and are still actively working on your project.

10 This machine shop is for the use of EC residents only. You must have received safety training in order to use this machine shop. Contact ec-toolcomm for further information.

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