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Space Reservations during Renovations:

W20-006 / Stud Space:

CAC reservations:

  • Log in with your hall account. Reach out to EC Exec or previous hall chairs for log in information
  • Click "Create a Reservation" on the left
  • Click "book now" on the "CAC Academic Year" for the year you are reserving for
  • Put in the date/time of your event, and select your desired locations. Click "Search".
  • At this point, you should see a schedule of rooms and availability. If you find a room that works, click the green + button.
  • Put the number of attendees (a reasonable estimate might be ~100) and set up (probably Empty Room or ? set up info needed)
  • Click "Next Step" on the right
  • Fill in the form. Notes:
  * EC/Halls are not ASA recognized
  * Unless you want to deal with arranging for and paying a bartending service, we recommend not having alcohol at your event.
  * (AV tbd)

Reserving dorm spaces (ex. BC Porter Room)

  • Reach out to Tasha (tcoppett) and Kat (khowell) way in advance
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