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Third East is about giving others space to enjoy the freedom to explore and thrive at MIT, while being eager to help, and providing a true 'home' to combat the stress of MIT.

We have a myriad of hall traditions, many of which have been passed down for over 30 years:

  • Registration Day Movies: Movies play in the lounge all‐day on Reg Day for hall members to gather around and enjoy the last bit of break before classes start again.
  • Phi Frisbee Grunt: Held the week of the first freshman exams, the hall gathers for tons of popcorn and frisbee to get the freshmen's minds off the stress of their first big MIT exam.
  • Add Date Party: After the stress leading up to add date, Tetazoa run outside for games of tag during the brief period of relaxation.
  • Swimming Event: Tetazoo enjoys a fall group swim for an afternoon for group bonding.
  • Hall Photo: In a new and interesting location each year, ranging from the tarmac at Logan to the Van der Graff generator at the Museum of Science.
  • Holidays: For Christmas, the hall gathers around a homemade and amusingly decorated non‐denominational Holiday Shrub where each hall member has wrapped a present for another.
  • Faculty Dinner: We invite members of the faculty from all departments for a Tetazoo‐cooked dinner during the Spring. This year's dinner features at least 10 different professors.
  • Camping Trip: Each fall and spring, the hall goes on a weekend camping trip to the Outing Club's cabin, braving the cold for hiking and relaxing around a campfire.
  • We celebrate each birthday as a hall ‐ somebody bakes and the entire hall gathers to 'sing' happy birthday and enjoy sharing the food.

A number of Hall Comms are in charge of everything from stocking the hall cooking supplies to collecting spare pennies to buy hall ice cream. People leave their doors open while on hall, welcoming others in to ask questions and get guidance – academic or otherwise. Open doors also invite our hall cats to enter. We enjoy making things. Those with particular specialties are glad to work on something and teach those who have never tried, sharing unique skills. A common sight in the hall is an alumnus hanging out with the residents. Alumni are a ready source of experience regarding the issues students are facing and have the time to help out.

Whenever an interesting problem comes up, Tetazoa are ready to figure out how to engineer a solution, both in practical projects and far‐fetched experimental designs. We have a top‐notch Mystery Hunt team, paired with second west, which ran the 2004 mystery hunt after beating all other teams on campus. We don't really have a bed time ‐ residents are found up working at all hours Hall Projects ‐ in addition to providing strong support to the construction all of EC participates in, Tetazoo likes building projects of its own, such as a tall trebuchet constructed in the courtyard. We maintain a bunch of facilities, such as hall Athena machines, a media system, a soda machine, EE equipment, and multiple mailing lists. Tetazoa are active around campus, particularly involved in community service with APO, trips with the Caving and Outing clubs at MIT, and running campus‐wide events in LSC.

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