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Second East became known as the "Beast from the East" during the '70s thanks to a captivating beast‐like drawing which residents revered as a symbol of the hall. The Beast mentality persevered for the following years, and Second East transitioned to a coed environment in 1995. The Beast of Second East has been immortalized in many murals on hall whose ages stretch back to the early '80s. Second East boasts a great deal of artwork, with new murals and doors still painted frequently. Noteworthy large-scale murals include reproductions of various Sistine Chapel paintings (most notably The Creation of Adam on the ceiling) in Goodale lounge and a collaborative space-themed mural in the largest bathroom, whose ceiling tiles have been painted by multiple residents. LED comm has also decked out both lounges with sick LED displays (which, when not broken, may even be able to play videos).

The interests of Beast residents have fluctuated a lot over the years, but many refer to this hall as the "jack of all trades". If you have some hobby or special interest, you can most likely find someone on hall who will join you in your endeavors. In the last few years, denizens of Beast have enjoyed: hitting the gym, cooking, dancing, watching anime, rock climbing, playing multiplayer games, cuddling, hosting book clubs, DJing, and fire spinning.

Second East's culture is constantly evolving, and so many of our traditions change with the times Δ. Some recent active traditions include:

  • GRT-sponsored hall feeds
  • talks through TEDxBeast
  • tea time with hall residents
  • weekly hall smoothies, courtesy of Smoothiecomm
  • Waffle Night every Thursday, in which residents cook, bake, and share food (which may or may not include waffles, depending on the whims of the benevolent chefs)
  • Resident-coordinated hall celebrations (Beastsgiving, Secret Sarah, etc.)
  • Dinner mobs to local restaurants
  • Hall parties at least once a semester, and spontaneous dance parties far more frequently
  • Clotting in the halls (residents passing by a hall clot typically get sucked in)

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