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4th West, commonly known as 41W, is a very open hall. We accept everything about our peers, and expect them to accept the other denizens for who they are. We are very comfortable with each other and ourselves despite coming from different backgrounds. Among our number we count students from vegans to carnivores, Vietnamese to Californians. As a group, we support many cats and other pets. Around dinnertime, our kitchen is full of groups of people cooking together. We all tend to gather around the television to take a break from our problem sets. We enjoy expressing our artistic abilities through such varied channels as mural painting, hall bands, making movies, and exotic cooking. Many of our ex‚Äźresidents still regularly come on hall to socialize, and we often allow the greater EC community onto our hall for such events as our Annual Halloween Party and Prom. We also have a closet dedicated to Elvis.

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