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Fourth East (aka Slugfest) has a hall government that consists of 3 hall chairs and a hall constitution. The hall constitution acts mainly to define the roles of the hall chairs and the policies for making hall decisions. Fourth east’s hall budget is allocated at the beginning of each term by a vote among hall members. Traditionally, the budget is split about evenly between funding hall feeds and making purchases for building and maintaining hall projects. Hall chairs are elected by the hall members during the spring budget meeting and serve for one year starting at the beginning of the spring term. The hall chairs are also responsible for attending HouseComm and serving as an interface between the dormitory and the hall whenever necessary, including rooming issues.

They have a 40+ year tradition of having cocoa every school night at 11 PM. Cocoa serves as a great opportunity for residents to not only take a break from working but also promotes hall socialization. Cocoa has taken a few new forms in recent years. Special Cocoa, which happens a few of times each term, features a faculty member joining us for cocoa. For Happy Cocoa, which happens on every hall member’s birthday(or other desired date), Baking Chairs make any baked good the designated person desires that is served at cocoa. At the end of each term, hall member’s dress up in formal attire for Formal Cocoa; this features fancy cocoa and desserts. Usually, 4E Cocoa Chairs invite each of the other 9 halls of East Campus over individually once each year for Inter‐hall Cocoa.

Fourth east traditionally takes a hall trip once each year. Past hall trips include camping in the White Mountains and a day trip to NYC. Fourth east also makes a lot of use out our kitchen. Most of our residents prepare most of their own meals and then eat in either the kitchen or lounges. The kitchens are also used to prepare food for hall feeds (we have about 7 each term) as well as a lot of random group cooking and baking. Even so, we keep our kitchen very clean by using a system in which people rotate cleaning responsibilities. So while each person is still responsible for cleaning up what they use, one person each day is responsible for making sure the kitchen as a whole stays clean.

When not working, many fourth east residents enjoy working on electronics projects. In recent years we have installed a hall music system, made several music visualization systems and constructed colorful, computer-controlled LED displays. Other common leisure time activities on the hall include spontaneous dance parties, watching TV and movies and singing.

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