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We are First East, or 1E, and we are a group of enthusiastic, social, oft loud, sometimes harmonious, but always easy going people. If you’re looking for a bit more on what it's like to live in such an awesome place read on!

First East is a good mix of all the types of people in EC. Unlike most, on our hall we like to have a gradient of noise level, in Goodale most residents are asleep by a reasonable hour, in Bemis your usually going to find someone up tooling or watching YouTube, and in Walcott you can be as loud as you like. We have a music server in the Walcott lounge and it has been known to throw a Britney Spears dance party at 2AM (I assure you its way more fun than it sounds). But more than always having a place to throw a spontaneous jam session the gradient says something important about 1E. We work hard to make sure our hall works for everyone rather than everyone working for the hall.

We First Easters like to think of ourselves as a social bunch. Towards that end, a few years ago our hall built the fabled Disco Dance Floor. This dance floor has 1,536 LEDs, 128 square feet, 4,096 colors, 30 frames/second, and 20,000 hand‐soldered connections. Originally the Disco Dance Floor was built as part of East Campus's Bad Ideas Competition. First East hosts the Bad Ideas Ball at the end of IAP when prizes are awarded for the best/worst entries in the competition. We try to host two parties for the dorm a term to make sure the floor gets lots of use.

We elect two hall chairs to run our hall's government for a year from the beginning of one Spring term the beginning of the next one. We will then elect Comms to serve more specialized functions, and a treasurer to keep the hall budget. This term we have the following Comms:

  • RushComm: prepares our hall for dorm and hall rush events at the beginning of the year.
  • DiscoComm: responsible for maintaining the Disco Dance Floor and all other hall electronics.
  • WebComm: keeps the hall website up to date.
  • GameComm: collects a store of board and other games for hall members and their friends to play with.
  • SuckComm: fixes the vacuum cleaners which never work and hardly suck at all.

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