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The 5th floor of the west parallel is logically named 5th West. While this name informs one of the high potential energy, and general space filling existence of the hall it does little to communicate the hall's character. We refer to our hall alternatively as "scooterton ‐ catshire – roofdancingchester burninatewithburnythingtown ‐ moviefestgorod ‐ amazingville". On 5th West we really like cats – we currently have the highest cat to student ratio in all of East Campus. As well as liking cats, 5westers also like other 5westers. We have:

  • Weekly Hall Feeds: These allow residents to digest the weekly developments on the hall, and food
  • Thanksgiving: A semi‐formal event for hall residents and alums, the Sunday before Thanksgiving
  • St. Patrick's Day: An Irish feast, because everyone's Irish on St. Patty's Day
  • Spring Picnic: Located on Sixth West, the spring picnic lets people enjoy food and the outdoors
  • Champagne Hall Feed: The Final Hall Feed of the year, a small celebration is given in honor of the departing seniors

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