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AVComm has some of your audio-visual needs. If you have any questions on how to setup something up, let us know at ec-avcomm@mit.edu. Current equipment reservations can be viewed at AVComm-Reservations.


Current Officers

  • Peter Sudermann
  • Matthew Bradford
  • Hadrian Merced


Current reservations can be viewed at AVComm-Reservations.

Portable/Party Speakers

  • 2x JBL PRX612 Powered Speakers (Active, 134db peak, XLR and 1/4" TRS Input (No RCA), Dual 500 Watt Amplifiers, 60Hz-17.5kHz) (Party Speakers!)
  • 2x Behringer Eurolive VS1220 Loudspeaker (Passive, TS 1/4" Power Input 8 Ohm, 150W RMS/600W peak, 60Hz-20kHz) (You probably don't need these unless it's Rush)
  • 1x Mackie Thump 18s Powered Subwoofer (Active, XLR Input, 600W RMS/1200W Peak, 30Hz-132Hz) (Very bulky and heavy, recommended only for parties on lower floors)

Stage/Courtyard Speakers

  • 2x JBL SRX835p Powered Speakers (Active, 2x XLR Channel Input, 2000W Peak, 33Hz-21kHz, Ethercon/Ethernet Enabled) (These are ONLY to be used for large events or events where AVComm has given prior approval to use them)

Concert Gear

  • 2x Rode M5 Matched Pair Mics (Cardioid Condenser, 140dB) (Useful as overheads for unamplified performance or as drum overheads)
  • 3x Shure SM57 (Cardioid Dynamic, 150dB) (Useful to mic acoustic instruments, electric guitar cabs or tom/snare drum)
  • 2x Shure SM58 (Cardioid Dynamic, 150dB) (Useful as a vocal mic, drop resistant)
  • 2x Shure BLX288/PG58 (Cardioid Dynamic, 150dB, Dual Channel) (Wireless vocal mic for events where cabling is inconvenient or potentially hazardous)
  • 1x Mackie ProFX16v2 (10 Mic Preamps, 4 Compressors, 2 Stereo Sub Channels, 7 Band EQ, DSP Reverb) (Used for live events and concerts)

Talbot Lounge

  • HD Television
  • Projector
  • VCR
  • HDTV Tuner for Projector

Recommended Speaker Configuration

  • Parties: use the 2 JBL PRX612 powered speakers. Plug them into the wall. Make sure the speakers are OFF. Plug something with 1/4" TS or XLR plugs into each speaker. Plug the other end of the cable into a line-level audio input. Make sure the speakers are set to Line Level Sensitivity, not mic level turn the speakers on. Typically, the cable used will be 1/8" TRS -> dual 1/4" TS or 1/8" TRS -> dual XLR.
  • For use when the PRX612s are committed elsewhere: Check with AVComm. DO NOT attempt to use the power amplifiers or non-powered loudspeakers unless you actually know what you're doing. AVComm training means you know how to use the PRX612s, not that you know how to use any and all AVComm equipment. If you want us to trust that you know how to use some particular equipment, talk to us about the setup in question in particular.

Equipment Lending Policy

If the EC sound system is used for a hall party or other hall event, it must be returned to the AV closet in Talbot within two days of the event unless there is another event scheduled by a different hall within those two days, in which case it must be returned to the AV closet or transported to the other hall at least two hours prior to the other event. If another hall event is within the two days, the hall hosting that event gains responsibility of the system.

Reservations can only be made by an individual who has been AVComm trained, and the individual who reserves the sound system components takes responsibility for their safe return, proper use, and any damage or loss which may occur while equipment is checked out.

Current reservations can be viewed at AVComm-Reservations.

AVComm Training

If you want to use any of the speakers, subs, mixing boards, amplifiers, or ConcertComm equipment, please email AVComm to schedule training. Training can be general or gear specific. Once trained you are approved to use the above equipment for hall events (you must still reserve equipment). Be sure to check AVComm-Reservations for availability BEFORE emailing AVComm.

If you wish to use AVComm supplies for personal use you should email AVComm and negotiate use terms. This includes non-hall, non-ec events, such as individual performances and shows.

Currently AVComm Trained

  • bgheneti
  • baltazar
  • shreyask
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