2011 Elections

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Elections will be open from 8am to 12am on Tuesday, December 6. At all times, we need two people from different halls sitting behind desk collecting ballots, and if a hall doesn't supply at least two people over the course of the day it will be fined.


Time Person 1 Hall 1 Person 2 Hall 2
8am-9am Aina Martinez Zurita (azurita) 2W Cheetiri Smith (cheetiri) 1E
9am-10am Molly Kosiarek (kosiarek) 3W Phoebe Whitwell (phojo) 4E
10am-11am Paul Romer (promer) 5W Niki Castle (niki) 3W
11am-12pm Betsy Riley (rileyb) 5E Amanda Wang 2E
12pm-1pm Leonid Grinberg (leonidg) 5E Matthew Cole 4W
1pm-2pm Juliana Wu (Jwu) 2E Taylor Ayral (tayral13) 3E
2pm-3pm Lia Bogoev (lbogoev) 2E Kelly Snyder (kesnyder) 4E
3pm-4pm Rachel Clark (raclark) 4E Molly Donaldson (donaldso) 5E
4pm-5pm Jordan Moldow (jmoldow) 5W Amanda Wang (amwang) 2E
5pm-6pm Tim Mickel (tmickel) 4E Jes Parker (jmparker) 3E
6pm-7pm Elizabeth Rosalia (erosalia) 4E Jordan Moldow (jmoldow) 5W
7pm-8pm Aina Martinez Zurita (azurita) 2W Michael Flynn (miflynn) 4E
8pm-9pm Avanti Shrikumar 1W Darci Reed (djreed) 4E
9pm-10pm Jeremy Velazquez (jvquez) 1E Aurimas Bukauskas (aurimas) 4W
10pm-11pm Monica Neugebauer(neugebau) 1W
11pm-12am Judy Baek (jjbaek) 2W
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