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To check out a tool, go to the West side of the West parallel basement in roughly the center there is a room labeled "toolcomm", or ask a toolcomm member to help you (you can email


Current Officers

  • Jonathan Ledet (jledet) - 4E
  • Antares McCoy-Villaneda (ammv2021) - 2W
  • Luis Torres (luillo) - 2W

ToolComm Inventory

Roughly current as of September 2016. Check with the toolcomms for a more current list or to request a tool.

Power Tools

  • 15x Corded Drill, 3/8" chuck
  • 2x Corded Drill 1/2" chuck (auger drills)
  • 1x Handheld circular saw
  • 1x Jigsaw
  • 1x Sawzall
  • 1x Sander
  • 4x Chop saw
  • 2x Table saws


  • 1x hacksaw
  • 1x boxsaw
  • 2x hammer
  • 1x sledgehammer
  • 4x speed clamps
  • 5x bar clamps
  • 3x vise grips
  • 3x levels
  • 5x tape measure


  • various cutting and drilling bits
  • 5/8" and 1" auger bits
  • 10x safety glasses
  • hundreds of wood screws (2”, 2.5”)
  • worklights
  • 20x hard hats

Tools also available to borrow from MIT Rotch Library, catalog here:

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