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Third West has a variety of traditional community activities every year. For Finals Dinners, each day of finals week, someone (or multiple residents) will prepare breakfast and dinner for the hall. This is so that people who are studying for finals actually have the time to eat decent food. On March 14th, we celebrate Pi Day by eating pie on Floor Pi. About four times per semester, residents will prepare dinner for the hall, and some residents will also make cookies or other desserts, as well. Thanksgiving dinner is a big affair for those who don’t go home over Thanksgiving Break. A recently‐started tradition (two years ago) was to have a hall murder mystery dinner / game. This is a large event that promotes hall interaction and is a good time for all involved. In addition to cooking as a community, our hall likes to go out to dinner together. Our favorite destination is R.F. O’Sullivan and Son, where everyone orders the Blackjack burger. Many people have its menu description memorized.

In addition to our community events around cooking and eating, many people on our hall enjoy gaming. There are two predominant games that people play together – Super Smash Brothers (Melee and Brawl), and Starcraft. We would like to think that we have an annual video game tournament against Fourth East (but the timing didn’t work out this year). Games of Magic also occur on our hall every couple weeks. Even graduates who still live in the area come back to play.

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