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Second East became known as the Beast from the East during the 70's thanks to a particularly captivating beast‐like drawing which the residents clung to as a symbol of the hall. The Beast mentality was maintained for many years, as Second East transitioned to a coed environment in 1995. The Beast of Second East has been immortalized in many murals on hall whose ages stretch back to the early 80's. Second East has a great deal of artwork to boast of, and new murals and doors are still being painted frequently. Notable large scale murals include a replica of the Sistine Chapel in one of the lounges and a collaborative space themed mural in the largest bathroom, whose ceiling tiles have been painted by multiple residents.

Second East residents are very involved in East Campus government and programming, such as Rush, Campus Preview Weekend, and the Bad Ideas Competition, to name a few. Many Beasts also participate in sports (recently the IM badminton team won the league championships), and enjoy working on various engineering projects. Over the years we've constructed a magnetic game‐board wall, an arcade machine running every arcade game made before 2000, multiple remote control lounge and bathroom sound systems, a string of programmable LED clusters spaced down the hallway, a custom refrigerated soda machine, and a mounted CRT projector, connected to a custom water cooled media server, the radio, a television antenna, and multiple other external sources including at least a half dozen different game consoles. Thanks to Reuse, we've obtained a large server farm to back our many projects and support many hall services, including a wiki, photo gallery, radio server, Athena dial‐up, and IRC server. Additionally, many hall residents have their own personal servers.

Second East's culture is constantly evolving, and so many of our traditions fluctuate with the times.Some recent active traditions include:

  • Weekly GRT sponsored hall feeds
  • Serious Sunday – when we gather to watch a classic cinematic drama on Sunday nights
  • Nightly viewings of the Daily Show
  • Resident coordinated hall dinners (Thanksgiving, Easter, Passover, etc)
  • Dinner mobs to local restaurants
  • Hall parties at least once a term
  • Clotting in the halls (residents passing by just cannot help but clot in the hallway)

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