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(Reserving a space during renovations)
(Reserving a space during renovations)
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==Reserving a space during renovations==
==Reserving a space during renovations==
See [[Space reservations|space reservations]] for details
See [[Space_Reservations|space reservations]] for details
==Current Officers==
==Current Officers==

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The EC SocComm supports the dorm social scene. If you have questions, ideas, or concerns about the social life of East Campus, don't hesitate to drop us a line at


Reserving a space during renovations

See space reservations for details

Current Officers

  • Elle - matherm - 5E
  • Jayna - jayna - 3E
  • Rai - rachelai - 2E
  • Wren - wren - 3E

Contact ec-soccomm@ to reserve W20-006 (the EC Community Lounge) or inquire about funding for interhall events.

Sphere of Influence

Fall Concert

Loud Music. We have it. If you've got any suggestions mail

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