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The principles of second west (affectionately known as Putz) are:

  • High value of tolerance and respect for others.
  • Commitment to Overdesign.
  • A significant portion of our hall is raised by LISP hackers.
  • Friendliness, willingness to help others and work on hall projects 2W has a number of events and traditions, including
    • Putzgiving: Putzgiving is an annual event that takes place the weekend before Thanksgiving where people on hall cook massive amounts of food, and lots of crufty alums come and eat it all.
    • Cruftmas: Cruftmas is an annual holiday party where various members of the hall make gifts for each other. The gifts range in quality of course and one can never know what to expect.
    • Hall Rush: Hall Rush is the night when all of the new residents pick their hall. Putz generally cooks delicious food, as well as building various contraptions to engage and enthrall.
    • Hall feed: Every Thursday night Putz has a general meeting to talk about hall affairs and gossip about the latest events in EC. Plus food.
    • Cryofac: For CPW every year we make liquid nitrogen ice cream and host the ice carving event at the CPW festival.
    • Parties: Just like any other hall in East Campus we host a party or two every semester for the greater good.

We like to build interesting contraptions – EC’s ToolComm position has been filled by a Putz resident for the last three years. We are close‐knit, like to cook, and one only has to walk onto 2W to see that our doors are always open. Many of the students who live here are courses 6 and/or 2. The second west dorm government mainly consists of the elected hall chairs who run hall feeds, appoint hall members to deal with tasks, and manage hall funds. Use of hall funds, changes to hall murals, and change of other rules requires a majority vote at weekly hall feeds. Some of our traditions include yearly hall t‐shirt printing and a viewing of the popular movie “The Big Lebowski”.

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