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  • Go to Affiliation Meetings
    • There's usually one per semester, sometimes there are two.
    • You must go or send a proxy.
    • By going to every meeting, we avoid having to make a deposit to register a team. This makes it 10x easier to register teams.
    • If you miss one, we become half-affiliated (which is bad) and if you miss two we become unaffiliated (which is bad).
  • Register Teams
    • Inform EC with the sports being offered well before team signups start.
    • Send a signup poll to EC at least a few days before team signups start. Poll should close around when signups start.
    • Register teams on IMLeagues for which there are enough people.
      • Enough means at least THREE TIMES the number required per game. See below.
    • Register teams at the early side of the signup period, invite everyone who signed up, and bump people many times to accept the IMLeagues invitation. It usually takes a while for people to respond to the invitation, and enough people must be registered by the end of the signup period.
    • Sports in which the league tends to fill up should be registered on the first day of signups. (This is currently true of the non-refereed soccer leagues.)
  • Avoid fines
    • Avoid fines! See below.
  • Keep track of captains
    • Choose a captain for each team. (You can include a field for this in the form send out at the beginning of the semester.)
    • Show each captain how to report scores on IMLeagues.
    • Show each captain how to reschedule games (email the other captain AND the league manager). Different sports have different rules about whether or not you can reschedule and how far in advance you have to reschedule to avoid fines.
    • Make sure each captain goes to the sport's captain meeting at the beginning of the semester.
    • If a captain gets hosed, he/she should tell you instead of forgetting to reschedule. If this happens, you should take over as captain or find a new one.
    • You should be on the IMLeagues team and on the mailing list of each registered team.
    • You should make yourself co-captain of each team on IMLeagues, in order to receive emails about league rules and fines.
    • If a captain doesn't check who can play within 4-5 days before a match, you should probably poke them, because if they don't reschedule in time we will be fined.

Team sizes

  • For a tennis team, we usually need about 20 people signed up to field a team of 5 at each game.
  • For a soccer team, we usually need about 20-25 people signed up to field a team of 7 (+ subs) at each game.
  • For a badminton team, we usually need about 10 people signed up to field a team of 2 at each game.
  • For an ultimate team, we usually need about 20 people signed up to field a team of 7 (+ subs) at each game.
  • In general, keep in mind that we want to sign up as many teams as possible but at the same time avoid a long string of fines if we consistently can't field enough players.


In Fall 2015, fines were $25 for the first game, $50 for the second, and $75 for each missed game after that. Each sport has a slightly different policy, but in general the captain has to request to reschedule at least 24-72 hours before the game time or show up with enough people. To avoid fines, poke captains that don't check who can play 4-5 days before a match.

If you get fined

Dispute it right away if it was made in error. This happens when a captain asks to reschedule in time but the other team marks a forfeit anyway. You can show the email history to the league manager and get it reversed.

If you and the captain messed up and really did get fined, pay it right away using the EC general account number, after talking to the EC treasurer. If you wait until the end of the season they may revoke our affiliation (which is bad).


The sports change year-to-year, as do the sizes of teams and types of leagues. Some sports have participation fees. As of Fall 2015, these are hockey, air pistol, and refereed soccer. We always go with an unrefereed soccer league. We never have a hockey team, as you need dozens of people all with their own equipment, and a $200 fee, to sustain one. If you sign up a paid league, you should handle collecting money from participants.

In Fall 2015, we had teams for dodgeball, 7v7 unrefereed soccer, badminton, and tennis. In the spring, we usually have an ultimate frisbee team. We used to have a flag football team but it was tough to avoid fines (and we sucked).

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