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1st West, also known as 1e‐stickmen (pi‐e‐stickmen) is the smallest hall in East Campus with roughly 25 residents, 3 turtles, and 2 geckos. We are an incredibly close knit group because, well, we only have one lounge to hang out in, making it rather hard to avoid people. Furthermore, we tend to be rather lazy. Who wants to walk up stairs after all? We also tend to be on the neater, cleaner, and quieter end of the EC scale.

For the most part, our hall activities tend to revolve around food, games, and our television. Cooking tends to be a group activity, where the majority of us try to cook dinner most nights. We also have a few aspiring chefs who make desserts.

The main event that our hall puts on each year is Pumpkin Drop that has been a tradition for at least the last 35 years (or so our alumni tell us). Each Halloween, we put on a spectacle by dropping numerous pumpkins off of the incredibly tall Green Building. In the last few years, Pumpkin Drop has slowly become more elaborate as we try out various special effects to make the explosions more impressive to watch and even more of a pain to clean. For example, two years ago, we tried to coordinate the drop to music to varying levels of success.

Our two major hall events each year involve food. In the winter, we put together a huge Thanksgiving dinner that eventually feeds us for at least a week. During the spring, we do a barbecue outside with lots and lots of meat.

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