East Campus has ten halls spread out between its two buildings, called "parallels". Halls are named based on their floor number (First, Second, etc.) and parallel (West or East), though some halls also have nicknames.

Each hall has a different culture and personality. You can use the blurbs and links below to learn more about a particular hall. Please note that each hall maintains its own website.

List of GRAs updated as of Feb 20, 2023. The descriptions of the halls may not match that of their current residents.

West Parallel

East Parallel

First West: Stickman 👕
GRA: Maddie Garciamkgarcia

Laid-back, tight-knit, friendly hall. Runs the annual Pumpkin Drop.

First East (1E) 🐈
GRA: Michelle Linshuyulin

Friendly people, a home-built LED disco dance floor, the greatest number of oscilloscopes per capita, and the only elevator in EC.

Second West: Putz (ΠΤΖ)
GRA: Peter Sharpepds

Loves making things: mechanical things, electrical things, whole lambs on a spit, liquid nitrogen ice cream (CryoFAC!)... Committed to Overdesign.

Second East: Beast
GRA: Hampton Smithhampton

Whatever you're into, you can probably find at least one poor bastard to drag into it. Right now, residents are into music, (fire) spinning, #swole, mural-making, cuddles, existential angst, and electronics.

Third West: floorpi (⌊π⌋)
GRA: David Ramsaydramsay

floorpi is a MELLOW!!!!! place, whatever that means. We enjoy playing board games, solving puzzles, and fighting scurvy.

Third East: Tetazoo 🐈 👕
GRA: Syed Suleman Abbas Zaidissazaidi

Cooking, construction projects, fire.

Forty-one West (41W) 🐈 👕
GRAs: Scarlett Kollerskoller and Joseph Griffinjoecg

Lots of personal freedom, as long as it doesn't infringe on other residents' happiness.

Fourth East: Slugfest 👕
GRA: Lucy Dulucydu

Cocoa every school night at 11, end-of-term Formal Cocoa (dress up and drink cocoa), Bemix Music system (music server with touch switches in the bathrooms), lots of cooking and projects.

Fifth West (5W) 🐈
GRA: Mohammed "Mo" Touremtoure

Midnight tea, weekly cookies and cheese, karaoke, people hall clots, and chill party time.

Fifth East: Florey 🐈 👕
GRA: Carter Waligurawaligura

Lots of personal freedom, a black hallway, a dark lord, cooking, lounging, and socializing. More US Supreme Court Acquittals per capita than any other living group at MIT.

🐈 = Cat Hall, 👕 = Top Optional Hall