Why is my room dirty?

I have sawdust still lying in the corners from when I constructed a cantilevered loft in my room, had two people hang off a corner, watched one person swing on a beam, and simulated placing 2000 lbs. on it to determine yield strength.

I’m not done with my 2.001 homework. We’re learning about stress-strain.

I’m fixing a broken monitor I found last week and it’s resting on the floor.

I took apart a drill I found to see why the motor smokes when I press the trigger. It’s in pieces. At least I put them in a box.

I’m not done with my 6.007 homework.

I live next to EC’s tool closet. I help maintain EC’s tool closet. I put together a hacksaw last night and its replacement blades are on my floor.

I have hacksaw blades because I’m going to make my own motorized ripstik this semester, and stacked hacksaw blades make a great torsion rod.

If I have time this semester.

My room is dirty because I’m tracking in metal shavings. I go to UROP to play with the mill, and then I get my clothes dirty.

I ripped three sets of pants sliding down the rollercoaster. EC should have a rollercoaster every year. Only EC can get incoming freshmen excited enough pull all nighters for the sake of giant wooden things and rushburgers.

I built a glass desk in my room last year using materials from Stata’s loading dock, but sawdust is awfully visible on glass. I would clean it, but my HASS paper notes are occupying all the space.

I’ve built two desks for my room, but I have three people in my room for a spontaneous pset party and I suddenly feel like I need more desk space. I should build another desk.

I like that EC lets me build more desks. I like that people say hi to me from the doorway and complement my desks. I like that our doors are open so I can walk the halls and say hi. Summer was lonely when new residents didn’t learn to open their doors.

My room is dirty because I have multiple tea-balls waiting to be washed from last night when I was awake until 4 AM. I didn’t realize what time it was because I was talking to friends and forgot to go to bed.

My room is dirty because I don’t actually spend enough time in my room to notice. Talking to people in the lounge is more fun.

Why would anyone rather spend all their free time in a boring, clean room?