This Place Feels Like Magic

I still can’t believe a place like Random Hall exists. A place where regularly at 3AM, people ask if you want to play a board game, watch a movie, make pancakes, or go out on an adventure. A place where an hour-long conversation can randomly start with anyone, even someone you usually don’t talk to, and can be one of the most interesting conversations you’ve ever had. Where free baked goods are announced at all hours, and stampedes towards cake are a regular occurrence. Where someone in dorm will be able to answer any question you have, and if they can’t, they’ll eagerly join you in your quest to find the answer. A place where if you have an idea, you can easily get other people on board and actually make it happen.

Because of the great people who live here, I’ve felt comfortable enough to ask for support when I need it, which I hardly ever did before coming to MIT. It still surprises me how comfortable I feel at Random Hall. I know that I have a voice here, and that everyone’s opinion matters, including mine. I feel so lucky to have found this amazing, magical place where I’m constantly making friends and memories.