There’s No Place Like Home

For some, home will always be where mum and dad are.

But not for me. East Campus is my home. I have never seen a more loving and accepting community, yet here I am, blessed to experience it. When life is beating me down, I know that I can come back to my hall, full of supportive people – all of whom care deeply for each and every other member of the hall. I can come home to rolling octagons, expressive murals, pokémon, hacking plans, blaring music, and discussions about life or simply ice cream.

Last year, when everything was going wrong in my life, it was my hall that kept me, quite frankly, alive . I have grown closer to my hallmates than to my lifelong friends outside of MIT. Why this is such a recurring theme on the East Side is up to speculation, but our desire to always be open with one another is, I believe, a major factor. We are open to crazy murals, outlandish ideas, sketchy contraptions, and all those tear-jerking words you have to say on your darkest days.

East Campus makes all the horrors of TFP undoubtedly worthwhile. Thank you, EC, for showing me this. Every. Single. Day.