Sport Death

Not gonna lie, just the rumors of Senior Haus scared me away when I first came to campus. I didn’t even set foot inside until sophomore year.

However, when I decided to move there on a whim and a desire to live in a dorm that had a sense of community, I found the most accepting, supportive, and resilient people I have ever met. These are people who would drop their pset at 3 am to let you rant about why something was absolutely terrible or knock on your door to make sure you were awake for an exam if you had been up late studying. Everyone kept it real and I felt like I was closer to the people I lived with in the 1.5 years I spent in Senior Haus than people I’ve known my entire life. I may not have had a lot in common with some people I became friends with, but they challenged my beliefs, spoke passionately about things they cared about, and didn’t judge me for my personality quirks or my academic and mental health struggles. I doubt I’d be as comfortable with myself as I am now if I hadn’t lived in Senior Haus, and I definitely doubt that I would have survived MIT without the friends I made there.

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