Home (Even If It Is Kind of Falling Apart)

As a frosh, I haven’t spend a great deal of time at East Campus. However, in the 2ish months I have spent here, I can’t help but love this place. At East Campus, I am not afraid to be myself since I know I won’t be judged. Far from it, the people here welcome everyone with open arms. It just wonderful. I don’t have to fear putting up a mask in order to fit in. The people, while occasionally sassy or mischievous, do love each other and will support each other in any way they can. Whether it be with helping with PSETs or baking cookies for hall when the mood is somber, I know my friends here at East Campus will help me when in need. It is an amazing family. Even if the place isn’t the most beautiful dorm facility wise, it is a place I am proud to call home.