Fraternities are people, too!

I spent my four years at MIT living in a fraternity which was recently banned from campus life. Most people didn’t care about us, some apparently disliked us (prejudiced bastards!), but almost all of those who actually spent time with us valued our community.

Many undergrads celebrated our punishment. Some even helped it along.

TO ALL VAGUELY INTERESTING LIVING GROUPS: Know this. First they will prosecute your traditions, even when every living participant maintains their harmlessness. Second (and by virtue of #1) they will attempt to sterilize your culture. Third (if you resist) they will destroy you.

It’s not IF, it’s WHEN. Unless everything you do would make a good photo on an admissions brochure, prepare to bid your identity adieu.

Just don’t forget when it’s all over how readily everyone threw the other communities they didn’t identify with under the bus when it was their turn to be executed.