East Campus

Open. Inviting. Creative. Exciting.
Innovative. Caring. Passionate. Enlightening.

It’s where anyone can build something as simple as a four-legged desk to something as complex as a rollercoaster. It’s where you learn to cook, dance, spin and ripstik. It’s where you meet the most incredible people – people with such boundless energy and desire to be everything and more. It’s where such brilliance surrounds you on a daily basis, and you can’t help but smile and partake in amazing feats of engineering interspersed with childhood curiosity. It’s where people of all races, backgrounds, heritage – identities, come together as one unified conglomeration known as a family.

As we grow older, they say we lose the ability to find wonder in the simple joys of life.
That we take them from granted. That we see them as typical, everyday aspects of life. That we no longer see the magic of pure curiosity.

I don’t want to grow old. East Campus, please stay forever young and thriving.