Crusty alum

When I lived in East Campus…

Ronald Reagan was elected, Rap music was first heard on the radio, John Lennon was assassinated, Jerry Weisner was President, our radio station was WTBS, the Solidarity movement began in Poland, and Muhammed Ali fought his last professional match. I remember those events, and so many more, like they were yesterday. I also met my wife and many of my (still) closest friends in EC and in Senior House.

What made EC so special was the coupled sense of freedom and of personal responsibility. My classmates and I truly had the sense the the “PTB” considered us old enough to take care of ourselves (mostly) and left us to it (mostly). I understand that that sense has evolved over time. External events and changing culture guarantee that. My recent visits have convinced me that these changes have generally been reasonable and natural.

I would be disheartened to see that sense disrupted in a way that is artificial or extreme. A wonderful experience would be lost.

For the last 20 years, I have taught in a public university. It is a great place, and I love my students and the impact I have. I have been heavily involved with student affairs, including campus judicial proceedings. I know there are many potential problems for students, parents, administrators, faculty, alumni, etc. However, at the end of the day, fear is a poor guide to wise decision making. Risks should be understood, but they must be balanced with hope, not minimized at all cost.

“Smooth seas never make good sailors.”