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W20-006 (EC space in Student Center basement) reservations are made by emailing In your email, state the time and date of your event and the purpose. You must inquire at least 24 hours in advance or reservations, and a timely response, cannot be guaranteed.

W20-006 reservation policy

  • Q: If a hall has reserved it, does that mean I can’t use the room?
  • A: No, you can definitely go inside! This is a space for all of EC at all times! The point of reservations is just to let people know that there will be an event, so maybe don’t plan to take a nap on the couch at that time, hold a conflicting hall event, etc. This is the same as for Talbot/courtyard.

  • Q: Can I reserve it on behalf of my club or some other student group?
  • A: No

  • Q: Can non-EC-affiliates reserve it?
  • A: No

  • Q: What are possible times I can reserve it for?
  • A: Meets these criteria:
The Student Center is open
There are no existing reservations
The time is not within the next 24 hours (i.e. pls give soccomm 24 hour notice)

W20-006 reservation schedule

Recurring Reservations:

End date Day of week Time Person/Group Notes
May 2024 Every other Wednesday (2/14, 2/28, 3/13, ...) 7:00pm-8:00pm HouseComm

One-Time Reservations:

Date Day of week Time Person/Group Notes
February 2024
Feb 10 Saturday 1-4 PM EC-wide REX meeting
Feb 16 Friday 8-10 PM 5W hall meeting
Feb 17 Saturday 2-4 PM EC-wide CPW brainstorming meeting
Apr 27 Saturday 2-4 PM Stickman Study break
Apr 28 Sunday 1-6 PM Tetazoo Marblelympics
May 5 Sunday 2-3 PM EC-wide REX Meeting
May 9 Thursday 4-5 PM ESF Post Mortem
May 9 Thursday 11PM-2AM Putz event
May 11 Saturday 3PM-5PM Stickman event
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