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If this hasn't been updated, yell at lazy secretary.

Damn it, Alicia. I'm pretty sure this hasn't been updated since 2006. What happened to all your campaign promises?


August 26th

Upcoming Events

Women of The East Side Calenders

Are still on sale at East Campus Desk! Beautiful, Scantily-Clad Women right in your back yard model for both you and the Big Jimmy Memorial Fund. Be you frosh or Upperclassmen, don't miss your oppurtunity to keep your class schedule in style. Now being sold for the low low price of $10!

HowToGetAroundMIT 2006

Attention Upperclassmen. HTGAMIT 2006 Will be coming soon to an East Campus Desk near you, again for the low low price of $10. Lose your copy of the 200(5,4,3) book? Want a new, thrilling cover? Or are you just interested in the new information pertaining to discharge from a mental institution? Revised, Repolished, and Remaining the best guide to MIT in existance.

Don't like it? Help us out next year. blanche -a YOURUSERNAME htgamit

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