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I’m one of those people who spends almost all of my time here on my hall (Floor Pi). Am I missing out on meeting a lot of fascinating people throughout East Campus? Almost definitely. If, one day I find myself with little work and lots of spare time, I may make more of an effort to meet people on other halls. For now, I have no qualms on spending my pset breaks doing nonsensical things with other Pizens. Things we do: gather in the lounge to play a Japanese bird dating simulator game, eat “feces” at a hall feed, marathon Avatar: the Last Airbender, constantly refer to sports that no one actually follows (read: luge), and so on. I’ve been very happy living here.

One thing that has always bothered me has been the implication that Floor Pi residents are somehow inferior because they are “less hardcore” and don’t embody the values of East Campus as much as certain other halls. The defining value of East Campus shouldn’t be “hardcore”. As a community of ~400 people, we are so much more complex than that. I think the most amazing characteristic of East Campus is the fact that it is composed of ten completely different communities that coexist, each with the autonomy to emphasize different values and to change over time. At East Campus, we have the freedom to be ourselves and find communities that we are happy to be a part of. I choose to exercise this freedom by living on Floor Pi.

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  1. As much as EC shits on West Campus for being noninclusive to alternative lifestyles, EC’s alternative lifestyle is far more noninclusive and downright hateful.

  2. I have absolutely no idea the implication mentioned in this post supports your point. Every dorm culture has its own issues, including stereotypes within the dorm like mentioned above (this could apply to any other living group). These kinds of comments are just things that you would deal with any dorm if the part of your dorm you live in is very different from the rest of it. It is still a very accepting place even though some residents are not aware of the diversity of cultures that exist in the dorm. Although I certainly observed this implication mentioned here made by some other people in EC as a resident of this hall, this didn’t result in feeling (at least overtly) isolated/excluded at dorm events or anything like that.