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Role: Absent 1W



  • we have a new projector


  • Talk to Sara, big stuff on Friday
  • picnic on Saturday from 12-2


  • looking better by the day

Other HouseComm Business

  • Don't shower on the center Bemis shower on 5E, it will leak onto 4E


  • Robin Smedick (the new denise, housing czar) talked to jimbo
  • we have room for 10 transfers and they will be moving onto 4W, 5E and 1E

Housemaster Updates

  • Pritchet opens on Oct 24th
  • will be ceremony w/ Hockfield at 5pm
  • Apple Bakeoff this Sunday the 16th, there are prizes.

UA Update

  • Last meeting was budget stuff, but no big decisions made.
    • Projects were discussed.
    • Ruth's idea got shot down because some guy from Senior Haus is already doing work on Pritchet.
    • Also, people should join committees at the UA (student life, dining, policy, sub-committee on athletics etc.)
    • Go the UA website to see what is available and put yourself up. Get involved, and stir some stuff up with admins.


  • Talk to Ruth
  • she's trying to get the pritchet hours extended by having a student run café after hours.
  • Caroline O'Brian (5W '09) has volunteered to be the new dining chair. So… we'll get some good "what have you" in Pritchet.

EC Dinners

  • Coming soon in Pritchet.
  • If you have any cool ideas about making this more EC-ish, send them up.
  • One idea
    • Getting Profesors to come and be guests.
  • Dining Mtg on the sunday after the apple bake-off

Elections are coming up in about 6 weeks, so start thinking about if you want to run for President or VP

If the weather is bad on Saturday, the picnic will get moved inside.

  • Help is needed to set-up, so please volunteer yourself (email snags).
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