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EC-specific Storage Documents/Forms

Summer Storage Logistics (last updated: 4/12/17)

Summer Storage Basement Map (last updated: 5/6/17)

Summer Storage Label Template: box label appliances label (last updated: 5/6/17)

Summer Storage Useful Links

TBD (housing has not updated their page yet)


Q: Why is this happening?

A: The summer storage in dorms program is run by MIT Division of Student Life (DSL), and was initiated by DormCon in 2016. EC previously had free-for-all storage, which was great in terms of flexibility but not in terms of fairness (one person occupied half the space) and cleanliness.

Q: Is EC open this summer?

A: Yes. MacGregor and Random are also open for the summer. It's very unlikely that a single floor or parallel would get closed for renovations.

Q: Why is renter's insurance required?

A: This is mandated by MIT ResLife. We suspect that the New House flood and damaged property resulting from it put MIT's insurance company on high alert. (P.S. apparently an uncleaned fridge got flooded and they found it weeks later... The smell was ungodly.)

Q: When and where can I buy insurance? Where do I submit it?

A: We haven't gotten this information from DSL yet. This is how it happened last year: DSL recommended a student insurance, and you can buy insurance off their website. Then, you'd send the PDF confirmation to DSL, who would confirm that you can use summer storage and pass a list of names to storage chairs. We expect about the same process for 2017.

Q: What about my parents' insurance?

A: Some people can be covered by their parents' insurance plan. You should consult your parental units and send a PDF of the insurance details to DSL. They will reply whether it is suitable or not.

Q: What's the typical way to store things?

A: Most people will use up to 9 cardboard boxes/plastic storage bins and store a mini fridge. We highly recommend plastic storage bins because they are reusable and tightly sealed (basement leaks on occasion.) We also highly recommend lending your AC to someone over the summer because it gets pretty hot in Cambridge!

Q: Why can't we store suitcases?

A: MIT DSL only allows cardboard boxes and plastic storage bins as storage boxes. In addition, JoeG does not want suitcases stored because they can harbor pests like cockroaches. Extermination has been successful thus far, so we don't want to reintroduce the problem. You can seal up the suitcase in a cardboard box, or better yet invest in plastic storage bins.

Q: Where can I get boxes, tapes, and sharpies?

A: Previously, DSL provided a limited supply of DSL-branded cardboard boxes and some packaging tape. We are unsure if they will provide these things again this year. Highly recommend buying your own packaging tape because they were the hottest commodity last year (many ec-discuss requests), and one person goes through a roll pretty quickly.

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